DGL donation to CSA

On Tuesday January 16 2018 the 19 boys and 17 girls who are under the care of the Walker’s Place of Safety located at the intersection of Lyndhurst Road and Lyndhurst Crescent in St Andrew were jolted awake by the frantic cries of “FIRE”. When the ashes finally settled, it was revealed that two of the young residents had tragically perished in the flames. Another sad day for Jamaica.

Reacting quickly to the news, our DGM consulted with the President of the District Board of Benevolence and the District Grand Treasurer and issued a recommendation that the District make a contribution to this noble cause.

Accordingly, on Tuesday 24th January 2018, at 3 p.m. the District Grand Master RW Bro Walter Scott, the President of the District Board of Benevolence W Bro Steve Shelton and the District Grand Treasurer W Bro Stephen Holland assembled in the offices of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency for a formal handover of a cheque for $500,000. Receiving our donation was Rosalee Gage-Grey CEO of the Agency. Also in attendance was Jeneva Gordon Public Relations Officer.

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