District Grand Master's Council 2017 - 18

  1. V.W.Bro. Rev. Melvin Carey   [Chairman]
  2. R.W.Bro. Afeef A. Lazarus
  3. W.Bro. J.Paul Morgan
  4. W.Bro. Russel Hammond, OD, JP
  5. V.W.Bro The Hon. Justice P.A. Brooks, CD
  6. W.Bro. Ernest Bodden
  7. W.Bro. I.N. Stephenson
  8. W.Bro. N.D. Levy
  9. W.Bro. Dr. W.B. Clarke, CD
  10. W.Bro. R.N. Forbes, JP
  11. W.Bro. Stephen Shelton, Q.C.
  12. W.Bro. The Hon. D.H. Lalor, OJ
  13. W.Bro. The Hon. D.M. Muirhead, QC, OJ
  14. W.Bro. L.A. Walters, JP
  15. W.Bro. G.P. Brown
Freemasonry: a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.