MEGS Address to District Grand Chapter of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Convocation on 23 January 2016


It is with very great pleasure and appreciation that I welcome you all to this the 2016 Annual Investiture Convocation of your District

Companions, on your behalf I welcome our distinguished visiting Companions and in particular I welcome:

  • E. Comp. James Randolph Bain, the Grand Superintendent of the District Grand Chapter of the Bahamas & Turks and E. Comp. Peter Cole, the immediate Past Grand Superintendent of that District,
  • E. Comp. G. Trevor Jones, the Grand Superintendent of Scottish Royal Arch Masonry in Jamaica and his deputation inclusive of his elected successor E. Comp. Douglas Murray,
  • E. Companion Captain George Reynolds the Deputy Grand Superintendent of Irish Royal Arch Masonry for Jamaica and the Bahamas and his delegation. and,
  • E. Comp. Dr John Wade PProvGSN from the Provinces of Yorkshire West Riding & Derbyshire in England and from whom we will hear much more in the Communication which follows.

Once more E. Comp Afeef Lazarus, the Immediate Past Grand Superintendent continues to find it possible to join us at these meetings. Do assist me to properly welcome him.

Companions, our District continues to thrive.

The official records of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Supreme Grand Chapter of England reveal that as of the first day of September 2015, there were 1081 Brethren and 573 Companions respectively in our District. Simply, this means that 53 percent of our Brethren are Holy Royal Arch Companions. This makes us the envy of most Provinces and Districts in the world.

Having gotten the numbers right, we are now working on the quality of the ritual work. The District Grand Stewards’ Chapter will be holding demonstrations of the Aldersgate version of the Holy Royal Arch Ritual commencing next Monday the 25th at the West Jamaica Holy Royal arch Chapter in Montego Bay. It is also scheduled to do demonstrations in the far east, at the St. Thomas Holy Royal Arch Chapter and in the centre of the island at the Ewing Holy Royal Arch Chapter. Companions, I urge you to turn out in your numbers to view these demonstrations and to learn! The MEZ of the Chapter, E. Comp. Ian Roxborough has publicly stated that his Chapter will conduct as a demonstration, the Ceremony of the Passing of the Veils during this calendar year.

Companions, last January at the Annual Investiture Convocation, I advised you, my Companions, that I proposed to delegate some of my responsibilities for the superintendence of Chapters to the Grand Officers in the District. The Grand Officers assigned to the chapters have worked with commendable diligence, zeal and devotion in giving guidance, encouragement and overall superintendence to their assigned chapters. Not only has this lessened the burden on the Three Principals and the Deputy Grand Superintendent, but I believe that it is the consensus of the District Committee of General Purposes that it has assisted in the Chapters producing a better quality of work.

Companions, as this is the first of two meetings this afternoon, the second of which will be a bit longer than usual, I will not be long.

Please join me in offering sincere congratulations to all the Companions who have been re-appointed, appointed or promoted today. This has been the result of hard work, commitment and dedication on their part.

Today, for the very first time, the members of the District Grand Stewards’ Chapter have arranged the room for our Annual Investiture Convocation. I am sure that you will all agree with me that this is a very good first try. On your behalf I convey our thanks and gratitude to the District Grand Directors of Ceremonies and his team for our very efficient and beautiful ceremonies and to District Grand Scribe Ezra and his team for their very had work in arranging this meeting.


Walter H. Scott, Q.C.
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
In and Over Jamaica and The Cayman Islands
23 January, 2016

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