MEGS Address to District Grand Chapter of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Convocation on 28 January 2012


It is my very great pleasure and privilege to welcome you all to this, the January Investiture Convocation of the District. After the rest and refreshment of the Christmas and New Year’s season it is most pleasing not only to be back amongst my Companions but to see you all here in such significant numbers. The historic significance of this occasion ought not to be overlooked. This is the first Convocation of a District being attended by Excellent Companion Doodnath Persaud since his installation as the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Guyana on 19 November, 2011.

Companions, on your behalf I welcome our most distinguished visiting companions and in particular I welcome:

  • E. Companion James Bain, the Grand Superintendent in and over the District Grand Chapter of the Bahamas and Turks; a constant friend and Companion of this District.
  • E. Companion Doodnath Persaud, the Grand Superintendent in and over the District Grand Chapter of Guyana;
  • E. Comp. Peter Cole, the past Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the District Grand Chapter of the Bahamas and Turks; and
  • E. Comp. G. Trevor Jones, the Grand Superintendent of Scottish Royal Arch Masonry in Jamaica.

Please also join me in offering a very special welcome to E. Comp. Afeef Lazarus, the Immediate Past Grand Superintendent.

Companions, you would have read in the Report of the Committee of General Purposes that in this District we have achieved the laudable position of having 51 per cent of all Brethren in the Craft being Royal Arch Masons. As much as this is a cause for some minor celebration, and as much as it puts this District ahead not only of most Districts, but most Provinces, for us, it is just the beginning. Our goal is to achieve 70 percent of all Brethren in the Craft being Royal Arch Masons by 2017. We therefore have a lot of work to do.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent and the 2nd and 3rd District Grand Principals continue to do impressive work in their assigned geographical areas to drive both recruitment in, and, enjoyment of the Holy Royal Arch. Their work and worth is truly appreciated.

I sense a growing enjoyment of the Holy Royal Arch. However, I am concerned that in our zeal to increase our numbers we may not be paying sufficient attention to the philosophic, intellectual, and knowledge bases of the Holy Royal Arch. How many of our young companions are aware of and know the history and significance of the Ensigns? Or, have had detailed explanations on the Platonic Bodies? I suspect very few, if any.

My charge and exhortation to you who are here this afternoon, is to devise and to implement structured programmes of education and the dissemination of information on the Holy Royal Arch. There is an awful lot of material available. There are vast knowledge gaps that ought to be filled. I entreat you to utilize the experienced and knowledgeable companions within our ranks to assist in this endeavour.

Companions, one of the traditions of Supreme Grand Chapter in particular, and of the Holy Royal Arch in general at the Provincial or District level is that as far as is possible, the Third Grand Principal ought to be a Companion in Holy Orders. Companions, you will well remember Excellent Companion the Reverend Cannon Neil Collins who, until his untimely illness, served Supreme Grand Chapter for many years as Third Grand Principal. We in this District are very fortunate to have a companion such as Excellent Companion the Reverend Melvin Carey, who is well known to you all and highly respected. Additionally, not only is he most able, but he is also most willing. I ask that you give him all the support and assistance that he will need in carrying out his assigned tasks.

Excellent Companion Howard Taylor has been promoted from Third to Second District Grand Principal. Simply, it is a reward for work exceedingly well done by him, and is an earnest of his future exertions on behalf of the Holy Royal Arch.

Companions, by now it would not have escaped your notice that E. Comp. J. Paul Morgan, the President of the Committee of General Purposes has retired. He has expended significant time & energy in carrying out his duties over these several years. We owe him a debt for all that he has done in this capacity for our District. On another occasion, not too far in the future, we will suitably thank and honour him for his work on behalf of our beloved District.

I offer my sincere congratulations to all the Companions who have been re-appointed, appointed or promoted today. This has been the result of hard work and dedication on their part. I can only say that I anticipate that today marks the beginning of their future hard work on behalf of Holy Royal Arch.

Companions, as this is the first of two (2) meetings this afternoon, I will be brief.

In closing, may I on your behalf express our gratitude to the District Grand Scribe Ezra and his team for their very hard work in arranging this meeting and to the District Grand Director of Ceremonies and his team for our very efficient and beautiful ceremonies.

Walter H. Scott
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
In and Over Jamaica and The Cayman Islands
28 January, 2012

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