Jamaica College Lodge No. 7254

The Lodge meets at 45-47 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5 at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month, excepting July and August.
The Installation Meeting is the March meeting and it starts at 6:30 p.m.

The dress code is a dark lounge suit worn with a black, District or Grand Lodge tie. Members wear the Jamaica College Old Boys tie.

Visitors do not pay a dining fee except for the Installation meeting.

Contact Details

Email sec7254@dgljamaica.com to get further details if you intend to visit.

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Additional Information

Crest of Jamaica College Lodge No. 7254

At the Consecration of the Lodge, the then District Grand Master , R W. Bro Percy Abraham  stated that Jamaica College Lodge was the first school lodge formed in Jamaica. It was actually the first time an Old Boys of a school had formed a Freemasons lodge anywhere in the Caribbean.

The idea of the formation of this Lodge arose from the enthusiasm stirred up at the Drax Day celebrations in July, 1952. Some of the Old boys who attended the celebrations and who had seen the Light of Freemasonry, thought that the enthusiastic brotherhood displayed on Drax Day could be extended to more frequent associations by the formation of a Masonic Lodge - in learning the great principles inculcated by Masonry and assisting the school at the same time. The response of Old Boys was enthusiastic. When the list for Founders closed, there were twenty-one names, with six applications for joining and four for initiation. It is hoped that loyalty to the Lodge among its members will be no less than loyalty to a school, and play a part in producing enlightened and public-spirited citizens of Jamaica.

The Lodge is comprised primarily of Old Boys of Jamaica College, however we welcome past students from any institution.

Our charities include donations to Jamaica College and the Salvation Army.
Donations to the school include financial assistance with development of the infrasture as well as various student groups.

We hold an Annual Grand Raffle in December.

Past Masters of the Lodge

W. Bro. Sir Neville Ashenheim, PDSGW 1953 ♦
W. Bro. Eric M. Clarke, PADGC 1954 ♦
W. Bro. H.C. Chambers, PDSGW 1955 ♦
W. Bro. Hon. S.C. Alexander O.J. LL.D., PDSGW 1956 ♦
W. Bro. D.J. Webb, PDSGW 1957/69
W. Bro. David H. Coore, QC., PDSGW 1958 ♦
W. Bro. Cecil S. Burke J.P., PDJGW 1959 ♦
W. Bro. R. Trevor Goodin, PDSGW 1960 ♦
W. Bro. Eugene A. Folkes, PDJGW 1961 ♦
W. Bro. Ralph Mahfood, PDGStdB 1962 ♦
W. Bro. Vincent A. Valentine, 1963 ♦
W. Bro. Dr. Irving E. Johnson C.D., PDSGW 1964/65/75♦
W. Bro. Harry B. Bent J.P., PDSGW 1966/74♦
W. Bro. Harvey A. Donaldson 1967
W. Bro. John L. Ffrench, PDJGD 1968
W. Bro. Edward S. Harrison, PDJGW 1970
W. Bro. A Trevor Evans 1971
W. Bro. L.T. Warmington O.D., PDSGW 1972/73
W. Bro. Sydney O. Guntley, PDGStdB 1976/77♦
W. Bro. John H. Haughton, PDSGW 1978 ♦
W. Bro. Dr. C. Astwood, PDGStdB 1979
W. Bro. R. Carlton Hayle, PDSGW 1980 ♦
W. Bro. Astley Cooper. 1981 ♦
W. Bro. Edmond G. Roper, PDJGW 1982 ♦
W. Bro. Clement H. Tomlinson, PDSGW 1983
W. Bro. Aurelio F. Condell J.P., PDSGD 1984 ♦
W. Bro. Lester L. Palmer J.P., PDGSupW 1985
W. Bro. Peter C. Crosswell J.P., PDSGW 1986
W. Bro. Errol D. McKenzie J.P., PDJGW 1987
W. Bro. Kendis W. Barrow, PDGStB 1988
W. Bro. Byron H. Wright 1989 ♦
W. Bro. Joscelyn A. Pottinger, PDGStB 1990
W. Bro. Neville St. John Bacquie, 1991
W. Bro. Trevor A. Lawson-Waddell, 1992
W. Bro. George C. Beecher 1993 ♦
W. Bro. Noel C. Gray, PDJGD 1994
W. Bro. George A. Roper O.D., J.P. 1995 ♦
W. Bro. Alwyn St. A. Passley J.P., PDGStB 1996
W. Bro. Lloyd A. Bryan 1997 ♦
W. Bro. Richard G. Rowe, PDJGD 1998
W. Bro. Herbert D. Repole C.D. 1999 ♦
W. Bro. Ian R. W. Gage, PDSGD 2000
W. Bro. Oswald R. Lee, PDSGD 2001
W. Bro. Desmond Hayle, PDGStB 2002
W. Bro. S. Arturo Stewart, PDGStB 2003
W. Bro. Basil Been 2004
W. Bro. Fitzgerald Guthrie 2005/06♦
W. Bro. Lloyd G. Barnett, Jr. 2007
W. Bro. Headley E. Hibbert. 2008/09
W. Bro. Robert J. Lawson 2010
W.Bro. Winston P. Barrett 2011
W.Bro Andrew J Bromley 2012
W. Bro David A Lee 2013
W. Bro Capt. Dr. Ryan M. Jarrett 2014
W. Bro Ray Jerry Johnson 2015
W. Bro Delroy Anthony Brown 2016

♦ - Deceased

Freemasonry: a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.