Kingston College Lodge No. 9469

The Lodge meets at 45-47 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5 at 7:00 p.m. on the 3rd Thursdays of each month, excepting July and September.
The Installation Meeting is the 3rd Friday of September and it starts at 6:30 p.m.

The dress code is a black or dark lounge suit worn with a plain black, District or Grand Lodge tie. Members wear the Kingston College School tie.

Visitors do not pay a dining fee except for the Installation meeting.

Contact Details

Email to get further details if you intend to visit.
As at 2016 the:
Lodge Secretary is W Bro Kirkland S.T. Douglas, PDistJGW.
Director of Ceremonies is W Bro Gary I. Neill, and
Almoner is W Bro Bernard G.C. Jankee, PDistGSuptWks, and
Mentor is W Bro Howard Barrett

2016 WM is W Bro Ainsley Edwards

Additional Information

Crest of Kingston College Lodge No. 9469

Kingston College Lodge was founded to perpetuate the ideals and continue the work of the Late Bishop of Jamaica, Rt. Reverend Percival Gibson, C.B.E., D.D., Anglican Bishop of Jamaica (1955-1968) who founded the school "to build unquestioned character in young men."

Membership in the Lodge is not confined to "KC Old Boys" and we currently boast of having members from the three Masonic Constitutions operating in Jamaica and alumni from DeCarteret College, Jamaica College, St. Georges College, Cornwall College, Dinthill Technical, Ferncourt, Wolmers, Calabar, and St. Andrew Technical High Schools. What brings us together is the quest "to build unquestioned character in young men" or, if you will, "to make good men better".

The Brethren of the Lodge have a genuine love and respect for each other and what’s more, we enjoy each other’s company and revel in the commeraderie and fellowship on the third Thursday of every month and the Sunday (Lodge Committee Meeting) following the Lodge meeting. We pride ouselves on performing excellent and sincere Ritual Work in order to showcase the Ritual of our choice, the Universal Ritual.

Whenever you can find the time, please come and assist us in enjoying Masonry.

  • The Lodge is a school Lodge. The Lodge was named in honour of Bishop Percival Gibson, the first Jamaican Lord Bishop of Jamaica, who founded the school
  • Membership into the Lodge is by the usual English masonic criteria
  • The Lodge’s charitable Outreach Projects are in support of St. Augustine’s Chapel, Kingston College and St. Michael’s Infant School
  • There is no calendar charity or fundraiser event but the Lodge host plays and other functions on an annual basis to fund its outreach projects

Past Masters of the Lodge

W. Bro. Kenneth A. Gayle 1992 ♦
W. Bro. Major the Rev. Dr. C. Vivian Cohen, PhD, JP 1993
W. Bro. Dr the Hon John A.S. Hall, OJ, JP 1994
W. Bro. Lancelot A. Pullen 1995
W. Bro. R. Trevor St. G. Christian 1996
W. Bro. William N. J. Hardy 1997 ♦
W. Bro. Howard C. Ennis 1998
W. Bro. Keith B.M. Gordon, JP 1999
W. Bro. Maj Howard L. Barrett 2000
W. Bro. Earle B.D. Frater 2001
W. Bro. Glen R.W. McLean 2002 ♦
W. Bro. Kirkland S.T. Douglas 2003
W. Bro. Errol R.K. Gage 2004
W. Bro. A.G. Leon Robertson 2005
W. Bro. Ronald D. Coke 2006
W. Bro. Kevin I.M. McLean 2007
W. Bro. Bernard G.C. Jankee 2008
W.Bro. Gary I. Neill 2009
W.Bro Bruce W. Sherlock 2010
W. Bro Capt. Dr. Frederick R.C. Smith, JP 2011/12
W. Bro Maj. Barrington A. Miller 2013
W. Bro Derrick C. Denniser


W. Bro Carlton Brown


♦ - Deceased

Freemasonry: a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.