MEGS Address to District Grand Chapter of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Convocation on 28 January 2017


It is once again my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to this the 2017 Annual Investiture Convocation of your District

On your behalf I welcome our distinguished visiting Companions and in particular I welcome:

  • EC James Randolph Bain, the Grand Superintendent of the District Grand Chapter of the Bahamas & Turks and EC Peter Cole, the immediate Past Grand Superintendent of that District,
  • MEC Douglas Murray, the Grand Superintendent of Scottish Royal Arch Masonry in Jamaica, along with MEC G. Trevor Jones his predecessor in office and members of his deputation,
  • MEC Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin the Grand Superintendent of Irish Royal Arch Masonry for Jamaica and his delegation

We are once more honoured that EC Afeef Lazarus, the Immediate Past Grand Superintendent continues to find it possible to join us at these meetings. Do assist me to properly welcome him.

Companions, in 2016 the growth of our District continued at a very satisfactory pace. The records of the District Grand Scribe Ezra reflect the fact that during the past year quite a number of Companions were exalted. We continue to maintain a rate of 53 percent of our Brethren being Holy Royal Arch Companions. As pleasing as this is, it is not yet optimal and we need to continue to work assiduously to ensure that we achieve a rate of sixty (60) percent of all brethren being members of the Holy Royal Arch.

It would not have escaped your collective notice that EC Harding Watler has this afternoon retired as Second District Grand Principal of our District and that I have appointed EC Kirkland Seymour Todd Douglas as his successor. EC Watler has been a tireless worker in the cause of Freemasonry in general in our District and in the Holy Royal Arch in particular. We are fortunate to have had such a willing worker in our profession. Please assist me in properly thanking him for all of his very hard work and a happy retirement as he relaxes, but continues to give an eagle eye on proceedings from a comfortable seat in the East.

EC Douglas is a vastly experienced mason. A Grand Officer of Supreme Grand Chapter, he has also served as the District Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra and I have absolutely no doubt that he will carry out his duties with diligence, dignity and decorum.

This evening, EC Sylvester LeRoi Lorde PGStB, at his request, has retired as President of the District Committee of General Purposes. Another of the warriors and stalwarts of Jamaican Freemasonry (he has served with distinction in all three (3) Constitutions in the island), we have been blessed to have had his keen eye for detail, his zeal, hard work and dedication over these past few years as President. Both ECs Watler & Lorde will be suitably honoured at our July 2017 Convocation.

EC Dr Wade Morgan, PAGDC has been appointed as the new President of the district Committee of General Purposes. He brings to the task unbridled energy and enthusiasm. So much so that I have had to issue words of caution to him. He too has been a superb servant of Freemasonry in all three (3) Constitutions in our Island and in fact is one of the select few who have been Masters in all three. Unfortunately, having so willingly accepted this very high office, our Irish and Scottish cousins will be seeing less of him. Such is the responsibility of office!

Finally, on this issue of retirements, EC Roy Haynes has also retired as the Almoner of District Grand Chapter. Much more will be said of him in the Communication which follows this meeting.

Companions, please join me in offering sincere congratulations to all the Companions who have been promoted, re-appointed, appointed to District Grand rank today. Whilst this has been the result of hard work, commitment and dedication on their part, much, much more is expected of them.

Companions, The District Grand Stewards’ Chapter has begun to really carry out its mandate. Not only has it been arranging the rooms for our Half-Yearly Convocations, and not only has it carried out Demonstrations of the Aldersgate version of the Holy Royal Arch Ritual, but for the first time in our District it has done a Demonstration of the Ceremony of the Passing of the Veils as approved by Supreme Grand Chapter. I am assured by its members that in due course such Demonstrations will be done in western Jamaica and in the Cayman Islands so that our Companions in these regions may also have the benefit of witnessing this Demonstration.

Companions, as you are all aware, for the last two (2) years I have delegated some of my responsibilities for the Superintendence of Chapters to the Grand Officers in the District. The Grand Officers assigned to the chapters have worked with commendable diligence, zeal and devotion in giving guidance, encouragement and overall superintendence to their assigned chapters. Not only has this lessened the burden on the Three Principals and the Deputy Grand Superintendent, but it has assisted in the Chapters producing a better quality of work.

Companions, it is my policy and I hope that it is a policy that will be carried on by my successor, that Companions for recommendation to Grand Rank are only made from amongst the ranks of the members of the District Grand Stewards Chapter. Similarly, recommendations for promotion in Grand Rank are only made from amongst those Grand Officers who are active in the field, working generally and in the Superintendence of Chapters. Promotion is the preserve of those who are actively & assiduously working.

On your behalf, I convey our gratitude to the District Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies and his team for our very efficient and beautiful ceremonies and to District Grand Scribe Ezra and his team for their very had work in arranging this meeting and to the members of the District Grand Stewards’ Chapter have arranged the room for our Annual Investiture Convocation.

Walter H. Scott, Q.C.
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
In and Over Jamaica and The Cayman Islands
28 January, 2017

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