MEGS Address to District Grand Chapter of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Convocation on 23 July 2011


It is with very great pleasure that I welcome you all to this the July Convocation of our District.  On your behalf I extend a very special welcome to:

  • E. Companion James Bain, the Grand Superintendent in and over The District Grand Chapter of Bahamas and Turks; a constant loyal friend and Companion of this District,  and
  • E. Comp. G. Trevor Jones, The Grand Superintendent of Scottish Royal Arch Masonry in Jamaica and his Deputation.

I also offer a very special welcome to E. Comp. Afeef Lazarus, the Immediate Past Grand Superintended and to E. Comp. Leslie Hutchinson from whom we will hear a lot more at the Craft Communication later this evening.

Companions, at the Annual Investiture Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter on 28 April, 2011 it pleased the M.E.  First Grand Principal to appoint E. Comp. Dr. Basil Robinson, the Deputy Grand Superintendent to the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer and E. Comp. Linton Andrews to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. I ask you to join with me in offering heartiest congratulations to them. It is worthy of note that apart from Grand Superintendents and Grand Inspectors, past and present, E. Comp. Robinson is the highest ranked English Royal Arch Mason in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic regions.

Companions, during the course of the last six (6) months I have traveled around the Island to various Installation meetings of the Holy Royal Arch and I must state, by and large, how  very impressed I was with the enthusiasm, energy and commitment of the several Chapters and  Companions whom I saw. 

 In this District we have managed to get the total number of Royal Arch Masons who are Craft Masons at 51 per centage.  This very commendable growth in numbers, whilst accompanied by a growth in enthusiasm, needs to be buttressed by an equally commendable growth in the quality of our ritual work.  It is against this background that I exhort you all to attend on and to utilize the opportunities arising out of the soon to be revitalised   Phoenix Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Instruction.  It is my desire that by the time we return from our summer break in September, it will once again be up and running and providing a really useful opportunity for younger Companions especially, to perfect their ritual work.

Companions, at the Annual Investiture of Supreme Grand Chapter of England on Thursday 29 April 2010 the ME Pro First Grand Principal in his address said the following:

“Companions, it has been too long since we last had a Royal Arch celebration and I am delighted to announce the decision that we will celebrate the bi-centenary of the declaration of the Royal Arch as the completion of pure ancient Masonry in 2013.  In the eighteenth century the premier Grand Lodge and the Antients Grand Lodge developed differing attitudes to the Royal Arch.  The premier Grand Lodge would only accept it as an order completely separate from the Craft.  The Antients Grand Lodge readily embraced it and worked it within their Lodges.   The divergence of opinion was settled in 1813 – two years before the Battle of Waterloo and I am delighted to say with no bloodshed – with the Union of the two Grand Lodges”

“The Royal Arch celebrations in 2012 will take the form of a Special Convocation here in the Grand Temple followed by a commemorative dinner”

The special convocation will be held on 16 October, 2013 at Freemasons’ Hall in London.

Companions, I remind you of the Special Convocation for two (2) reasons.

Firstly, it will bring great honour and credit to this District if we are represented thereat in large numbers.  I plan to be in attendance. 

 Secondly, the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria will be holding its 100th Anniversary Celebrations in 2013.  It has arranged its meetings to be in October 2013 for ease of travel for us and other delegations. The path to Nigeria will lead through London.   As you all will recall with much fondness the visit of E. Comp. Olorugun Moses Taiga in January of this year, you know that we are expected to reciprocate accordingly.  We will not fail.

Companions, Supreme Grand Chapter has decided that on the occasion of the Royal Arch Masons 2013 Bicentenary celebrations a donation is to be made to the Royal College of Surgeons. The donation will assist the College in its wonderful surgical research fellowship scheme.  An appeal for donations has been launched. 

 Our contribution will be a modest £3 for each Companion in the District, or, as our numbers now stand approximately £1,820.00.  This sum has to be collected over the course of the next twenty four (24) months from each Chapter.  A very pleasant task that we can all achieve together.

Companions, this is the first of two (2) meetings this afternoon, so I will be brief.

In closing, may I on your behalf express our gratitude to the District Grand Scribe Ezra and his team for their very hard work in arranging this meeting and to the District Grand Director of Ceremonies and his team for our very efficient and beautiful ceremonies.

Walter H. Scott
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
In and Over Jamaica and The Cayman Islands
23 July, 2011

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