Newsletter from the July 2015 Communication

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  1. Winning Inukshuk
    • The brethren of Hamilton Lodge in summer 2014 continued a tradition dating back to 1987. In 1985 when W. Bro. Douglas Emanuel (PM) migrated to Canada....
  2. NEWLY INSTALLED MASTERS: January 2015 – July 2015
  3. WELCOME! - NEW MASTER MASONS: January 2015 – July 2015
  4. OBITUARIES: January 2015 – July 2015
  5. Child Abuse Rally by Sasha-Gay Lobban May
    • The Rally mentioned in the article below was spearheaded by Bro Rayon Simpson of the Hope Lodge in Westmoreland Jamaica.....
  6. Atholl Lodges by W Bro L.L.(Laurie) Ventour, DistGMentor
    • If you are reading this as an E.C. Freemason, you would be quite familiar with the historical fact that 'The Atholls' was one of the two Grand Lodges of England (GLE) which formed the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).
  7. New Star under the Masonic Firmament
    • On Monday June 29th 2015, a consecrating team of Grand Officers, led by the M.E. Grand Superintendent Walter H. Scott Q.C. consecrated and installed a new Royal Arch Chapter, the District Grand Stewards Chapter of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands No. 9795.
  8. Jamaican Freemasons & World War II
    • Although both W. Bro. Beckford and Bro. Beek enlisted near to the end of the war (obviously not knowing it would soon come to an end), we present here a redaction of some of their recollections...
  9. Why Freemasonry by Bro Randolph Burgess
    • Many of the brethren here present will know that the concept of Freemasonry would have been introduced to me by my father W. Bro. Paul Burgess.
  10. An Interview with a Crafty Lady by Bro Chadwick Paul
    • Crafty Ladies consist of a group of spouses/significant others of members of a Masonic WhatsApp group – The Craft. The Craft is a group of masons from all three constitutions who built a bond of fellowship through visiting.
  11. My Masonic Journey so Far by Bro Dane Malcolm-Buchanan
    • I wanted to become a Freemason because my love of reading spurred in me a love of knowledge. The idea of going through ceremonies which conveyed moral lessons had a particular appeal due to what I thought would be a practical, rather than purely theoretical approach to the acquisition of knowledge.
  12. 2014 Membership Analysis by Bro G. Michael Fisher
  13. News From Cayman
  14. New Rulers
Freemasonry: a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.